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  • Couture 2023

    Couture 2023

    My first round picks from Couture Weeks from Paris. I am still looking over the images, my second round of picks are coming.

  • Is This Couture?

    Going over the designs from Paris Fashion Week Couture, one brand had a star studded Runway Walk. Normally, this is a bad omen, the focus shifts from the looks to the celebs. Prophecies coming true scare me. Not mentioning the name of this brand or designer as I watched the fashion video, a lesson learned. […]

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture

    The New Normal has affected glamour. Nothing has been untouched. The first Paris Fashion Week Couture moved online this season.   I expected straight forward presentations but some brands took inspirations from different sources, producing short films.  This is an overview of Day 1.  An added bonus, menswear looks from Hermes.  My  reaction to seeing […]

  • France 24 on Couture

    TV channel France 24 gives a quick run down of the Couture collections from Paris.

  • Feeling Like A Princess

    Feeling Like A Princess

    Do women still want to wear wedding dresses? Is this too traditional for the 21stcentury? After the past few young royal events, everyone wants to feel like a princess. The centerpiece of Ziad Nakad’s couture collection is the wedding dress fit for a 18th  century noble bride.   I am not going to ignore the rest […]

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture Highlights

    Just a Quick Rundown  Haute Couture is for a few but inspiration for all. This is the week when fashion houses unleash pageantry at its most 17thcentury finest. Sheer splendor in the air meticulous designs, some taking hundreds of man and woman hours to produce. Shapes and colors in all structures combined for display on […]

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture Roundup

    Paris Fashion Week Couture Roundup

    Alin Le Kal’s decade of experience with textiles along with his education at RMIT University, Melbourne proved invaluable.  He developed a skill using fabrics.   His feminine looks, using intricate crystals and feathers for his Spring Couture collection titled “Reflected Elements” showcased his love for the female form.   The runway show set in the […]

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture Tom Verlaine

    Stay tuned for complete coverage of the Tom Verlaine Couture show from Paris.   

  • Alin Le Kal from Paris Fashion Week Couture

    I am not familiar with Ali Le Kal.   Stay tuned for more coverage.

  • On Aura Tout Vu from Paris Fashion Week Couture

    Final walk from a decadent show at Paris Fashion Week Couture.  Fashion House  On Aura Tout Vu celebrated 20 years on the couture scene.  The show was part theatre mixed with his fashion.