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  • Our Studio 1

    2020! What can we say?  A heck of a year! It’s only May.  We have flirted with the idea of making more video content.  Off and on over the years we produced features covering fashion, film festivals, and other events. Many events have cancelled until further notice. When an opportunity knocks, open the door. Black […]

  • Apple TV+

    Apple TV+

    Apple has entered the content business in the form of a new streaming service. Apple’s TV+ is the Cupertino’s answer to household name “Netflix”.  No one can accuse the tech giant of being cheap. With an open check book, Tim Cook went to Hollywood to get the biggest names in show business. Spielberg, Oprah, Jennifer […]

  • Inspired Travel

    Clipper Inspired is a media project covering travel. I was inspired by two things: vintage travel posters to locations such as: Rio, Hong Kong, and Paris. Clippers were Pan Am flights to different destinations around the world, a feeling of adventure combined with the experience of getting there. The second inspiration came in the form an […]

  • YouTube Here We Come

    We decided to beef up our YouTube channel starting this summer with new web features on cinema and fashion.