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  • A Luxury Comeback

    A Luxury Comeback

    Luxury timepieces took a bit of hit during the rise of digital devices in the form of smartphones and smart watches. Times are swinging back to the craftsmanship and investment. Buyers and collectors are purchasing luxury watches faster than producers make the desired pieces. Image by Brice Hardelin for Black and Paper.

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture Tom Verlaine

    Stay tuned for complete coverage of the Tom Verlaine Couture show from Paris.   

  • On Aura Tout Vu from Paris Fashion Week Couture

    Final walk from a decadent show at Paris Fashion Week Couture.  Fashion House  On Aura Tout Vu celebrated 20 years on the couture scene.  The show was part theatre mixed with his fashion.

  • La Metamorphose in Paris

    Brice Hardelin, Black and Paper’s creative colleague in Paris, covered our first Couture Show.  We could not be more thrilled. Getting an invitation to such a prestigious event at the Le Grand Hotel Opera feels like a dream come true.    A BIG THANK YOU to Mephistophelesproductions in Pairs.



    I could not decide on which card to use.  Each one is a bit different but,,, honestly, is the viewer really going to notice the letters?  By Brice Hardelin from Paris with model Samuel. 

  • Brief Encounter

  • Gucci Bling from Paris

    Gucci Bling from Paris

    A Gucci Re See from Paris Fashion Week by photographer Brice Hardelin.

  • Paris Fashion Week Shows

  • Paris Fashion Week-Miyake

    Video by creative collaborator Brice Hardelin for BlackandPaper. 

  • Gucci at Paris Fashion Week

    Gucci at Paris Fashion Week

    This year the Bling brand decided not to showcases in Milan but in Paris for Fashion Week.  A bit of a surprise!   A change of location but the same looks applied.  Creative Director Michele is not about the understated.  Get Noticed! Flaunt it if you got it!  Who cares about restraint.  Instagram is about […]