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  • Chat Cinema Reviews

    Check out our latest episode of Chat Cinema Podcast.  What is new at the movie theatres this weekend? We give you a rundown. 

  • The Big Picture

    The Chat Cinema crew discuss Ben Fritz’s book “The Big Picture”.  As Hollywood moves away from Star driven movies to franchise based media vehicles the impact is felt on all levels of tinseltown.   One studio in particular got it wrong.  Once the darling of “A list talent”, Sony finds itself struggling in the new […]

  • The Netflix Effect

    The Netflix effect is real. The streaming has effected the cinema world like no other technology.   The Chat Cinema Team, Steve, Kristin, and Breck discuss the shockwaves.

  • Maybe or Maybe Not Trailers

    Chat Cinema crew Stevie, Kristin, and Breck are enthused about some film trailers.  While others they find less appealing.    Sponsored by #Beyerdynamic

  • Episode 1 How Much?

    Imagine the shock when a man tells you he has to invest in a date with the opposite sex.  I had to assume their was a high return on investment.  No  wonder heterosexual men wear cheap shoes!   Sponsored by Beyerdynamic

  • S Connection

    Just some of our thoughts on life and how to get through it.  S Connection cast gives views as well as  sharing experiences on how to make it.  Sponsored by #Beyerdynamic 

  • Clipper Inspired from Marrakesh

    Clipper Inspired from Marrakesh

    Marrakesh. One of those places that excites the imagination of any traveller.      My travel to the city turned into a delightful adventure of walks in the medina absorbing the sights, smells, and sounds. Getting lost was part of the fun.    Listen to the podcast sponsored by Beyerdynamic.  Clipper Inspired recommends: Bahai Palace, Bab […]

  • Champagne with A View

    Champagne with A View

    A bit of shopping, a view, a glass of Champagne all in one in Paris at Printemps. 

  • Inspired Travel

    Clipper Inspired is a media project covering travel. I was inspired by two things: vintage travel posters to locations such as: Rio, Hong Kong, and Paris. Clippers were Pan Am flights to different destinations around the world, a feeling of adventure combined with the experience of getting there. The second inspiration came in the form an […]

  • Chat Cinema talks Golden Globes and Awards

    What did the Chat Cinema gang think about the Golden Globes?  Listen Down Below.