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  • What Price,, Cheap Fame?

    What Price,, Cheap Fame?

    Fame is a cheap commodity in the social media world. The lust for for followers has corroded the lines of behavior. Chasing likes is a pluto treasure hunt in the digital world. Director, actor and producer Hugo Becker shows the self-destructive side of bargain basement celebrity with his Oscar qualifying short film MUKBANGER. A Black […]

  • Imperfect, But with Love

    Imperfect, But with Love

    Every father and son relationship is different. The “Ward Cleaver” image from 50’s American TV was a work of the Perfect Eisenhower era fiction. Father’s can show their love, sometimes in imperfect ways. TWO FOR THE RODE from Lochlainn McKenna is an award-winning short film about a parent and childhood bound manifesting itself in some […]

  • Remote Challenges

    Remote Challenges

    Chat Cinema talks to director Turan Haste about his Oscar Qualifying short film THE MOISTURE. The Venice Film Festival entry is a story of challenging relationships for a teacher in a remote Turkish village.

  • Chat Cinema

    Chat Cinema

    The Hollywood Strikes are over. Awards Season has started. New episodes of Chat Cinema Podcast are in the pipeline with global filmmakers who may make the final cut for the Oscars this year.

  • Will She Win This Weekend?

    her first Oscar Nomination for POWER OF THE DOG? Is this her year?

  • Chat Cinema talks Personal Music & Emotions

    Chat Cinema talks Personal Music & Emotions

    This episode of Chat Cinema talks to Danish multi-hyphenate Nicolaj Kopernikus about his work “Stenofonen”. The actor, director and writer explains his inspiration for a making a film based on a family story. Stenofonen has been short listed for Oscar in the Best Short Fiction Film category.

  • Chat Cinema Awards Season

    Stay tuned for our podcasts with award winning directors on their works.

  • A Childhood Lost.

    A Childhood Lost.

    This episode of Chat Cinema talks to award-winning director Murad Abu Eisheh about his work, TALAVISION. A short film centered on lost childhood innocence during the Syrian conflict.

  • Chat Cinema talks Golden Globes and Awards

    What did the Chat Cinema gang think about the Golden Globes?  Listen Down Below.

  • Academy Awards 2018

    Always a fun moment to make a video with these two.  Kristin and David give their impressions and predictions for the Oscars 2018.   There is no Weinstein picture in the race,  the #metoo movement has shaken the film industry, and diversity  is no longer a “cool buzzword” without meaning.  How will the Academy of Motion […]