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  • Met Gala’s Garden

    The Met Gala happened yesterday.  The ultimate “LOOK AT ME “Red Carpet ceremony went off without a hitch after brokering a last-minute deal averting a strike involving NewsGuild members of Conde Nast employees. Anna Wintour took center stage.  The Vogue head has transformed the event into the most important annual fashion ritual on the calendar […]

  • Fashion’s TOPSY TURVY

    As the fashion world moves along its topsy turvy twists and turns, the latest news makes a person’s head shake. MET GALA The MET Gala is coming up.  The New York City Soiree is the Red-Carpet event for the rich and famous.  Anne Wintour’s grand showcase is where fashion labels pay a celebrity to show […]

  • Karl & The Met in the New Gilded Age

    Karl & The Met in the New Gilded Age

    Karl Lagerfeld took front and center at the Met Gala 2023. KARL LAGERFELD:A LINE OF BEAUTY was the theme of fashion’s biggest Red Carpet. The legendary German helmed the luxury house Chanel for 37 years. Vogue editor Anna Wintour along with co-hosts Rodger Federer, Dua Lipa, Michaela Coel and Penelope Cruz brought the glitz and […]

  • Anna Wintour-A Survivor

    Boy, did I get this wrong. Anna Wintour is the Great Survivor. The ultimate editor in chief had a hard 2020. Not only are magazine sales plummeting, Black Lives Matter has placed a spot light on company policies. By her own admittance, Vogue was not a friendly work place for people of color with a […]

  • Same Story, Different Day

     Anna Wintour hit the headlines of the New York Times yet once again for the wrong reasons. The proclaimed most powerful woman in the fashion world has been under heavy criticism for Vogue’s lack of diversity.  Black voices sidelined at the publication were the norm.  Fashion magazines were or less country clubs for the elite. […]

  • Will Anna Stay?

    Will Anna Stay?

    The famous silhouette at Fashion Week for the past 32 years. The perfectly coiffed helmut hairstyle. Oversized sunglasses. Statement Necklace. Calf-length dresses. Admired, feared, and copied, Anna Wintour commanded attention. Whether on purpose or not, when she entered the room her presence was felt far and wide.  As the daughter of famous newspaper editor Charles […]

  • Vogue on Milan Fashion Week

    Spring Collections will soon be in the stores.  This is what Vogue editor Anna Wintour thought of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018.