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  • Travel Size?

    Travel Size?

    I have no clue what size luggage fits on a plane now. As we know the discount airlines are like vultures looking for ways to charge fees. Basically on Ryanair, anything bigger than a toothbrush case will cost an extra 30 euros. This should be interesting.

  • Fly Cheap and Simple

    Taking a Ryanair flight is an experience.  Just relax, chill out, and got with the flow.  How much do you expect for 9.99?

  • 9.99 Or Bust!

    Why do we suffer for a 9.99 ticket from an airline that treats people like more like cattle than customers?  We are cheap.   I have traveled the low cast airline many times.  Now, I’m inspired to write about why I suffer but still find myself in the terminal waiting.  Stay Tuned. 

  • ITB Berlin

    ITB Berlin

    Where to go for a holiday in 2017? A obscure beach in South America.  A new museum opening.   Black and Paper covered the ITB, the world’s largest travel fair,  in Berlin to gain insight on the latest travel and holiday trends.   Stay tuned for all the news and tips on vacation destinations that can turn […]

  • Getting the Chic Back

    Getting the Chic Back

    Part 1 of the Black and Paper Feature The Glamorous spirit of Italy is being recaptured by Alitalia.   The flagship carriers renaissance begins with  the style and chic looks of new crew uniforms. Why the new uniforms after so many years? Renovating a company must include the renewal of its image. And what is more […]