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  • The Tropes for, Success?

    The film American Fiction depicts a writer fed up with racial tropes. Frustrated novelist Monk writes a book with outlandish African American characters. Too his horror, the work is a bestseller. Why would I sympathise with Monk? Because I understand his bewilderment. Life is stranger than fiction. Being a person of color in any business […]

  • Rumours and Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone arrived in my mailbox when I was in college. The magazine cover featured the latest, hippest artists under the banner, always with a catchy headline and the best photography. Founded in 1967 by Jann Wenner and Ralph Gleason the square publication spoke to generations of music lovers. However, I did note the lack of Black Artists on the […]

  • Who Could Forget Black Is Beautiful?

    Who Could Forget Black Is Beautiful?

    As a cinema lover and child of the seventies I watched many films from the “Blaxploitation”(a term I never liked) era. Netflix just released IS THAT BLACK ENOUGH FOR YOU from historian and filmmaker Elvis Mitchell.