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  • The Last  Days of August

    The Last Days of August

    The last days of August and summer.  It’s  never too late to get the right bathing suit for a last minute trip to the beach.  Maybe in September there will be good weather.  If not, there is always a pool. We cannot guarantee they are as soothing as the ones at the Aqualux Hotel.    […]

  • What to Wear in August, #2

    What to Wear in August, #2

    In the middle of August you should be wearing these swimwear looks. What better way to make a beach style statement. By wearing handsome designs each with its own characteristics of colors, fabrics, and cuts.    Model-Elia Cometti from Elite Models  Photographer-Ivan Siggillino, Assistant-Simone Toson, Make Up and Hair-Lorena Palmieri   Shot at the Aqualux […]

  • What to Wear in August #1

    What to Wear in August #1

    August is vacation month.  Beach time! Here are a few recommendations if you have not picked out the perfect bathing suit.  Model Elia Cometti shows what to wear this vacation season.  Robinson Les Bains  Ron Dorf  Elia Cometti from Elite Models Milan  Photographer Ivan Siggillino, Assistant Simone Toson, Make Up and Hair by Lorena Palmieri. Shot on […]

  • Made to Measure

    Made to Measure

    What is the best gift to give that special guy this Christmas?  Something that feels good on the skin yet makes him feel special underneath.  A Black and Paper Production by Brice Hardelin and Samuel Rosseau from Paris.  



    I could not decide on which card to use.  Each one is a bit different but,,, honestly, is the viewer really going to notice the letters?  By Brice Hardelin from Paris with model Samuel. 

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