Romance Not Needed

Is there a price difference between a Homosexual Date and Heterosexual Date?  I learned there is on some levels.  While having a pleasant conversation regarding relationships and dating with a straight friend the chatter took a turn dating and investments.  Dating for straight men is like an investment.  Women like to be wooed,,, romanced.  Straight men have to play Romeos to get the Juliet’s.

My friend told me he has to pull out the credit card for dinner, cocktails, and cab service if he thinks he will get to first base or perhaps a homerun.  My friend is a red blooded straight man who went through moments of being undersexed.

Imagine his reaction when I told him for homosexual men the investment was cheap.   There was a location not far from where we were standing, for only 7 pounds including a free drink; oral sex was like a handshake.  His face froze in bewilderment.  The moment of disbelief broke once I said I may go there in 2 hours. I asked if he wanted to join but that was a case of too much, too soon.

Bringing our talk back to a reality he would understand, along with the fact I think he a bit jealous.  I told him romance is not in the equation when men are prowling for sex with other men.  It is physical, a release.  No names are involved, no conversation, just gestures, sounds of relief at the end and then all parties go in their respective directions.