Paris Fashion Week Couture


Sorry, I have not been posting. A bit busy on this end playing catch up. Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture felt a bit overwhelming. Covering the event for the firs time started from the moment I arrived at the hotel. I dropped the bags at the hotel in the center of Paris then raced off. My first appointment was in the Vendome. HOT! The only word describe the scene, 32 degrees in a city lacking green spaces. Loud? Yes. Big cities are not places for medidating at 11am. 

Rush! Rush! I wore comfortable shoes to get into the rhythm of the French Capital during PFW. 

Unlike other fashionweeks Couture week is more exclusive. A smaller crowd of editors, buyers, and clients for one of kind creations.

I got invites from production houses Shout out to Mephistopheles, public relations agencies, and designers.  The Couture Jewelry collection presentation events were also scheduled as well as showroom visits. Four  full days were on my calendar.

Paris is not only a walking city,  but also for running. Seeing fit Frenchmen jogging in skimpy shorts in the Tuileries Garden may seem like a Samantha Jones inspired fantasy but crisscrossing it during the day to make an appointment, well, I could not sit down to admire the sights, too much dust and lack of time.


Too Darn Hot! 

Did I mention it was HOT in Paris during PFW? The metro was opened for free rides.  Thankfully, many shows and presentation were in walking distance or 3 metro stops away.

Wearing Black was the summer look, not for me. This is a mixture of shameless product placement, sponsorship, and fashion practicality. Cividini loaned me a few silk and cotton polo shirts. Breathable materials saved my life. 

Expecting brands tomeet a timetable would ask too much but starting 45 minutes to 1 hour late made keeping a timetable impossible. I missed 3 shows.  Happily, I arranged for re-see’s.

I cannot wait until the next Couture Week.

Video and images  made with Canon Camera. Sponsored by #canondeu