Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans

Sustainable Style from Nudie Jeans

Since 2007 the Nudie Jeans has taken a hands own direct approach from start to finish regarding sustainable consumption weather from the production factory providing safe working conditions to upcycling after final usage.

The Swedish Denim and Jean maker has developed a stylish ecosystem based on: Breaking in, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle.   Sustainable consumption and Conscience Buying is the center of the brand’s decision to make jeans with 100% organic cotton, top quality material.

The idea is to have fun and personalize the style of denim by making a pair as a second skin on the body, high quality jeans that capable of being worn for a long duration without washing.  The breaking in process for is usually 6months or more depending on usage but eventual a pair of jeans becomes personal with a second skin feel of comfort.

Nudie believes jeans should not be thrown away.  The brand has set up repair shops with denim specialists who will repair anything ripped or broken as many times as the wearer wants. Also, there are Self Repair Denim Kits.  A customer feels the relationship is over with the jeans Nudie provides a voucher for a new pair.  What happens to jeans traded in?  Each pair are repaired and then sold second hand in a Nudie Store.

Always exploring and inventing new ways to recycle jeans, denim material has been used to stuff Volvo Car seats and torn into strips to make woven rugs.

Side Note:  While I was in the Nudie Jeans Store in the Berlin Mitte district making images for this piece I met a man who  had previously traded in his jeans (See Image) he had worn for 5 or 6 years. He was in the store buying another pair. 


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Stay tuned. We will cover other brands involved in sustainable fashion.