My Online Shopping Experience

In the New Normal I started a new behavior pattern. I finally caught up with a trend that exploded years ago. I have been shopping online. Buying clothing via screen. I resisted this because physical store shopping is more fun. Going to a location, trying on clothes, talking to sales people then getting tips were all part of the experience. 

Screen time bargaining hunting is a full time chore. Continually checking websites before Christmas, stores mark down items all the time. But, this year because of Covid, lockdowns and customers cutting back, the discounts are fast and furious.

The same question rolling around in my mind looking at pieces, “Will it fit?” Seeing a coat on a 13 inch screen is very different from wearing it the first time. It’s the same as watching adult films, a sort of visual deception. Using certain camera angles to entice viewers, objects appear bigger than they are in reality.

My first try at buying online was ok. I got a nice sweater and pants from a Milan based brand I know. I decided to roll the dice a second time by ordering a coat and jacket from two high labels. This did not work out so well. The coat fit in the shoulders and arms, but the body hung in an awkward way. What happened? The coat looked great on the model. The puffer jacket was too small. I thought medium, it should have been a large.

Hassle Free?

Now let’s make it a bit more complicated, the “hassle free” return. Checking retail stats, 40% of online purchases are returned compared to 10% for in-store purchases. I reboxed the coat, filled out the form. I walked to not one, not two, but three carrier drop offs. The first could not take it because the destination was out of the country. The second was the same. The third drop off point, well the return account is free, however, via express. The Spatkauf could not take the package cause of the account category. I would have to walk 2 blocks to the official post office. Lesson learned. Returning boxes requires planning.

Will I shop online again? The jury is out.