Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead

How do you make a bio pic based on a Jazz Legend as complex as Miles Davis? Unfortunately, the creative force behind the film, Director, Star, and Co-Writer Don Cheadle answers haphazardly.

The main focus “Miles Ahead”  is set in the 1970’s during the time when Davis was known for his strange behavior than music either battling his record label  or being a recluse holed up in his studio, the film tells the story of the musician and Rolling Stone writer Dave Brill, reliably played by Ewan McGregor, searching for stolen tapes of music and drugs.

What is a standard bio pic without a flashback of past events and romances?  Redeeming the subplot second story period is Emaytazy Corinealdi as Frances Taylor, the centerpiece of a doomed relationship between muse and musician carries the day.  Corinealdi underplays the character’s victimization while the urgency of her situation becomes clearer.  Girl you are in DANGER!

Complex, verging on the point of complete self-destruction as a swearing, high as a kit artist who lives on the edge for inspiration, Cheadle’s title performance was not a revelation but more expected. He shows the dark side of a character with many faults, sympathy and inspiration be damned.

“Miles Ahead” does not live up to its aspirations but is instead is head down by too many ingredients.   Combining elements of the mismatched buddy film complete with one dimensional bad guys, car chases in a cool car, and gun fire,  I was left me with the feeling of watching an old network television movie rather than a story of a man took music to the cosmos.

2.5 stars out of 4

miles_ahead_poster_2.26_jpeg_biggerMiles Ahead screened at the 2016 Berlinale.

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