The First of More to Come

Black and Paper

The Black and Paper Beta edition has arrived. The reason for the term Beta is because we are still in the process of formatting and tinkering so please have patience with the site. Of course we will add written and video features on fashion, beauty, travel, celebrity,  and cinema.

The main theme for the launch is tech. Technology is now is now a part of our everyday lives so we decided a theme of fashion mixed with gadgets.  Our devices are fast becoming more personalized, symbolic, and expressive.   Tech is now a part of our everyday lives.   Secondly, devices have changed our behavior.   We live in a Culture of Connectivity with the desire to feel connected through digital channels.

Incorporating, interaction and interfacing are key elements for wearables. But there are many questions for the wearer: Is a wearable a basic fashion component or accessory? How do you dress wearing a wearable? Is a wearable for day or night? Is a wearable seasonal?

As I stated,  there is a lot more to come.






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