Harris for Vice President

I should be euphoric for Kamala Harris as a Vice President candidate. Not really! After going over the record, another Reagan Democrat who stepped on the bodies of People of Color to make her way to the top.  Another follower of  the “Tough on Crime” mantra, code for put more people in jail.  Her infamous record of prosecuting parents of school delinquents left a bitter taste for many families in California. 

Contrast this with the prosecutor’s record on going after banks during the 2008 housing crisis. Not a single prosecution. Would it have been difficult to have made a token effort of legal, moral outrage?  

Kamala only got 2% of the Democratic primary vote.  African Americans  did not line up behind her candidacy.  Unable to reach the top tier candidate ranks,  Harris quit the campaign race in December 2019. 

This Democratic ticket is part of the establishment that drove the country into the ditch.  In conclusion, nothing will change. 

I will not support Kamala Harris’ efforts to obtain the highest office in the land.  As a willing accomplice of judicial oppression, she obediently pursued power while ignoring  what it was doing to her people. 

This writer will vote 3rd party. 

The 2020 America votes happens on November 3rd.  Trump/Pence vs. Biden/ Harris.