Fashion Influence on the Spree?

Black and Paper did not actively participate in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin the past week because 1.) We had planned on going to Paris for men’s week but the weather caused problems. 2.) Given the challenges surrounding the past Berlin Fashion Weeks we felt it was better to sit this one out and wait for the feedback. 3.) Berlin is a creative city where many come to spread their wings, but as a fashion city it will never become a major influence on the level of Alpha Fashion Capitals Paris or Milan.  Perhaps it could muscle its way into the third-tier levels of fashion cities given the importance of clothing trade fairs that occur during Fashion Week.

Did MBFW succeed this year when so many others failed in the past?  New organizer, a new location, scaled down calendar, it depended on the level of expectations.  Berlin pretends it does not want to go in the direction of other fashion weeks, they always repeat the same talking points of “being cool” “alternative”  yet organizers offer nothing new or fresh during fashion week, just runway show audiences stocked with influencers and former girlfriends of football players.

Black and Paper is not subscribing to being fashion snobs regarding Fashion Weeks but being realistic. There is great appreciation for the dedication, work, and sacrifice, the designers and their teams do to put on credible runway shows.

Berlin needs more than an idea and Public Relations to execute a plan on becoming a style influence on the Spree.

Black and Paper is based in Berlin.