Dems Win,,,AND??

The Democrats will take complete control of the United States Government. The historical Georgia win for Raphael Warnock and possible smidgen of a victory for Osloff are significant. Warnock is the first African American Senator from the state with a long reputation of African American Voter Suppression. Replacing GOP candidate Perdue to represent the old Confederate stronghold in Washington is a bitter sweet victory.

As the country reels from a mismanaged Pandemic, getting rid of Trump moved into righteous zealotry. The Dems played this card because they had nothing to offer a frightened populace other than more fear. Running from the wolf you go straight to the mouth of a fox. The Democratic Party does not deserve this slim victory. Their voters are from a place of desperation with no alternatives.

This same political group does not support affordable healthcare during a health crisis. The shambolic placing of Nancy Pelosi as the head of House of Representative shatters all illusions of some type of relief for the lower 98%. The so called progressive wind of the party or “ The Squad” have been labeled “FraudSquad”on social media for not gaining leverage during the leadership vote.

Prop 22

California, the most liberal state in the country with a Democratic government the immediate of effects of Proposition 22 are clear. The anti labor bill sponsored by tech companies is a new form of labor exploitation. Governor Newsom signed the legislation into law switching gig workers from employees to private contractors with no rights or benefits. Vice President Elect Harris’ brother in law help draft the proposition. Albertsons supermarkets, the nations second largest, fired all union delivery drivers. Handing the service to 3rdparty companies with lower salaried workers. The political plan is to roll out this gem of employment trickery across the country. 

As for President Biden, expectations are low. The hopes of a second coming of FDR have faded. The $600 stimulus check looks cruel in the face of such uncertainty. This pitiful amount wouldn’t pay a month’s rent on a two room apartment in a second tier city. Perhaps, the political class does not see the food lines on the news.

The hopes of a Democratic reset, a return to the status quo are fanciful, if not dangerously delusional. Trumpism will strive without its leader. Wishing Covid-19 away is not a policy. The economy is on life support.

The Democrats won. Be as that may, over the next 24 months prepare for disappointment.

Side Note. At the time of writitng there is a recall petition in California to replace Democratic Govenor Newsom. Should organizers reach 1.8 million signatures, a new election is triggered.