Nothing like a Pandemic to expose a System in Crisis

Boris Johnson had a garden party while telling the nation to lock down, not meet loved ones. All the while the blonde leader snacked on little sandwiches with Champagne. Mr Johnson should study French History. Perhaps it is time for a change at No.10. A Prime Minister in his right frame of mind would do, able to use common sense.

The Australian Open was desperate to get players to the tournament regardless of health status. I think the world could have done with one less game, set and match this year.

The CDC and other health agencies have “revised” their Quarantine Guidelines because of pressure from the corporate sector. Profit and productivity have been infected by a virus that does not understand a balance sheet.

France detected a new variant, but the country was not cut off from the world in the way Southern Africa got cast away a few weeks ago.

European countries are in medieval hysterics blaming the unvaccinated for government failures. Lessons are not learned. During the Black Death certain groups were burned alive cause the masses believed them to be the culprits of the plague. As I wrote, lessons are not learned. The Internet makes it faster to point fingers.

Do Not Take These Guys to a Party

The W.H.O issues repeated proclamations, imagine listening to the same song on the radio for two years. Has this organization alleviated this crisis? Today we learned half of of Europe could be infected. Thank you for the Scare Fest!

Sorry EU Friends, your leaders were no better than Trump handling this. (See Riots in Amsterdam and French Assembly pelted in his home district.) Macron continues to show “leadership” by wanting to make life miserable for those no vaccinated.

President Biden is hiding in the White House Basement. The 46th American leader has taken a hands off approach, Throw over to the state governments. I can’t blame the 79 old. Who would wants responsibility for this on going mess?

The Pharma giants earn $1.000 profit per second. Keep a good thing going, the newly minted Pharma billionaires are skipping their way to the nearest private aircraft dealer.

A former cafe in my neighborhood.

Meanwhile, three weeks ago on my street, a woman had to close her cafe cause of the lock down situation. She told me this during an emotional conversation while holding back her tears.