Chocolat from Alain Ducasse

Le Chocolat from Alain Ducasse in Galeries Lafayette

Ducasse’s Chocolates are available in three families: praline, truffles, and ganaches. Each has their own texture and taste.

We sampled the different chocolates while learning the narrative of how chocolate is made including the six step from bean selection to molding. Beans from a particular location or certain climatic conditions have different flavors. Chocolate bean origins and their taste aromas:

IMAG0697 IMAG0696 IMAG0689 IMAG0679IMAG0682

Brazil A noted woody flavor, slightly bitter

Cameroon A tarty flavor

Colombia Floral taste, dried fruits and caramel

Cuba Dried fruit

Grenada Fruity and woody

Java Smoky

Madagascar fruity red acidic

Peru Floral Cherry

Trinidad Notes of Vanilla

Vietnam spicy notes with anise

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