Black and Paper at Milan Fashion Week

My Reliable BFF

Milan Fashion Week was exhausting, a tight and grueling schedule. Many shortened presentations and events running alongside Fashion Shows made for eleven hour days. Once again the reliable Milan Metro System became my best friend.

As a whole, the Furla collection was a bit underwhelming. 

The Milan Fashion Scene is under going a crisis, a type of creative insecurity. The feeling was more in a neutral space with designers venturing to the demure side. No designs stood above the rest. Moving away from creative statements, commercial needs take precedent. At the time of writing I am going over the looks from the runways and presentations. My opinion may change in the future, stay tuned.

Bulgaria Bags with the Scarab clasp.  The embroided handbag was a key piece.

Fashion like any business needs new ideas, renewel. A source of my appreication comes from independent designers. Talking to them, seeing the designs inspire me.  If they hit it big I can say “I met him or her when”.

Luxury brand Cinzia Rocca stayed true to the classic form this season while introducing new accessories.

Chunky Craze 

From Sketchers, A 90’s retro look.  Chunky Sneakers are a part of the brand DNA.  

BrunoThe Chunky Sneaker trend continues to reign supreme. Every house and designer have answered the call. As a non-fan, it is hard to write good things about this. Walking around with a tank on my foot is not my ideal of style. What was once a niche footwear has now gone mainstream. The other streetwear piece niche now in the style conscience scene, the belt bag. The inescapable fashion accessory piece is a must have. Will I buy one? NO! They lack an elegance I look for a bag. Not complementing but portruding from the waist the same as a hernia.

Bruno Cucinelli soft looks are made for easy styling.  Each cable knit sweater takes 36 hours to produce.

Get a Job

Lastly, Instagram Ego’s were not in short supply. The business of “Selfie Promotion” has gotten so large, many Carrie Bradshaw Wannabes’s brought partners to take pictures and videos to records their experiences. A few seasons ago they were welcomed, now attendees are visibly rolling eyes. Weariness! How many Instagram Influencers posting a picture of themselves can attend a show? If any out there think this is a full time career, my advice would be to start acquiring new skill sets.

Stay Tuned for more coverage.