Biden Wins, Now What?

Fear. Stress. Disbelief. The scenes playing out in the United States. A President losing an election hunkering down in the White House. What comes next is anyone’s guess. Biden’s wins a tainted chalice.  The 46thleader is suppose to unite the country. Instead he inherits a divided electorate, gridlock in Congress.

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson:

The dream of “togertherness”dissipated with an agonizing three day voter count. Coming in second place with over 70 million votes, Trump followers will be in no mood for compromise. Many will nurse feelings of being short changed, marginalised.   Half of the America’s voters did not renounce Trumpism.  The movement will fester, wait for a leader, then spring into action, meaner, madder, with a plan. 


Politician Mrs. Nina Turner says it best below:

Joe Biden is the hapless character of those wanting a return to the status quo. The Democrats have the morale courage of a hedge fund broker. Pelosi and friends will misread the 2020 election, sitting in their elite bubbles, patting themselves on the back for getting rid of an aberration who beat them in 2016 and came close to defeated them again. Having demonized the left, the powers of the party will continue on their hyper neo-liberal highway of personal enrichment at the expense of the desperate working class and shrinking middle class. OH MY! Sooner, not later, the political class will crash into a brick wall. Think Berlin Wall 1989.

A number of Black males and Latino voters turned against the blue side for Donald, as a protest statement. They understand the certainty nothing will relieve their plight.  The 2020 election made many realise the same. Life under a not much loved President Biden will not get better.  

Donald Trump was a symptom of a rotting system. One that could be in its death throes.

2024 may see Ivanka Trump make a run for the office. Who’s ready for that? 

This voter went 3rd party in 2020.