An Empire Implodes

I would like to say the images of the seize of Capital Hill Washington DC shocked me. In some way “yes” in some ways “no”. Coming from the American South, traditionally, Whites enforced their wills by storming State and County Houses to enforce Jim Crow laws or worse, for lynchings.

The United States has been on an implosion trajectory for decades. The level of despair, inequality, wars and Covid 19 running wild in a country that failed to looked after its citizens. This dry grass needed a spark. Trump unpacked his flame thrower.

19thcentury painter Thomas Cole painting series “America” shows a proud land similar in mentality of the Roman Empire. All empires fall, Rome’s was brutal. Did the curtain on the American Empire come down on January 6th? Certainly for the “Exceptionalism Theory”, history proves the US will not be an exception. 

The governing class got a taste of what could come. Social Media images of protesters taking the building with little police opposition made world wide headlines. Who can forget the picture from Speaker Pelosi’s desk? The shirtless horned hat man has become an international celebrity. Expect media deals after the FBI gets finished with him.

As For The Democrats and Republicans

Could the GOP be repentant after years of deciding only they can govern? After seeing some tepid condemnations and a fiery speech by one House of Rep member. My hopes were dashed. Donald’s 76 million voters made clear they are force to be reckoned. The disciples are waiting for a new leader.

As for the so called “opposition”. Democrats are in the clouds looking for corporate parachutes after “public service”.

Cole witnessed the enthusiasm mixed with arrogance of a newly confident country challenging old world European Empires. The English born artist painted “Consummation” . Meaning consumption and prosperity of a Wealthy Empire. “Destruction”, the forth in “The Course of Empire” series paints a scene of violence, an empire dying. The guy had insight 170 years ahead of his time.

Complaceny was a victim yesterday on the steps of the Capital. Heed the visions from past. Empires implode.