Scorched Earth

A Thief is a Thief

As the saying goes, ?A thief can never trust another thief?, Trojan, the habitual professional burglar in the film Scorched Earth should heed these words. Director and writer Thomas Arslan’s sequel to his popular German film In the Shadows, takes actor Misel Maticevic back into familiar territory. As a leader of a heist crew, Trojan navigates through double crosses where one bad move could be his last.

Arlen’s direction at times feels stiff while reaching for the noir mood with Reinhold Vorschneider’s cinematography interchanging from grey to blue hues. Working from his screenplay, the sixty one-year-old helmsmen keeps the movement going to its natural violent conclusion.

The glue keeping the film together is Misel as the battled weary every man loner, unable or unwilling to escape from this backstabbing world.

I cannot compare the latest entry into the series against the 2010 work because I did not view it. As a stand alone, Scorched Earth has tough legs for the fan base pleased, while winning over a few new ones.

Scorched Earth was screened online.

Running time is 104 minutes. Release date in Germany is July 18th 2024.