A Return of the Jedi Ending!

Activist Micheal Moore tweeted images of fireworks in the air. Did the Death Star explode after a successive Rebel Alliance attack? Celebrations are taking place all over the planet as if the Galactic Emperor had been slain.

The past 4 years have come to a close with the defeat of a man many loathed. No more nervous twitches while looking over the screen for the latest news. A man governing the most powerful country in the world by Twitter has ended. Trump is leaving the White House one way or the other. A vulgar character who never matured into the role of having the highest office of the land. For some reason he retained and relished all his bull in a china shop short comings. Shockingly, this did not bother many voters. The President gained 8 million more votes than his past campaign.

The US will rejoin the world but as a different country than before 2016. A deeply divided nation at war with itself. What is the expression: “Dysfunctional breeds dysfunctional”. Trump was a love child of a very dysfunctional political system. A man who used the apparatus to stroke his over the top narcissism.

Optimist point to a national healing, that will not happen. America is sick patient on the brink. Covid-19 ravages its citizens, unemployment at record levels, business closed, wealth inequality grows.

The Blue Landslide that was suppose happen, never materialized. The Democrats lost seats in the House. The party infighting has begun. As for the Republicans, they suffered a defeat but have licked their wounds and are now prepared for the upcoming Congressional battles. They lost a buffoon, but are still standing waiting for next a leader who will be darker and smarter.

Biden has his hands full over the next 48 months.