A Home Bike

Snow and ice on the sidewalk make a long run difficult. Gyms are closed. Ninety minutes of my day remain blank. Staying at home is now normal. For gym enthusiasts locked up with pent up energy, what to do? Digital at home fitness devices have become popular. Personally, I am in the market for one, but I live in a 70 square meter apartment. Adjustments would have to made to fit in workout space. However, if my gym stays closed this entire year. Out goes the washer machine and bathroom sink. My hygiene may suffer but I’ll be in shape. Back to the subject of exercise equipment, The Paleoton Bike went from zero to a $2,500 lockdown tech trendsetter in less than a year.  Having exercise equipment in the living is no longer juvenile.

I decided to look for alternatives. After all, success breeds competitors. Hammer produces a $950 option. The Inspire has over 150 speed bike programs with app and small screen for a hard home workout. I have not tried the bike. Nonetheless, the Hammer in door cycle looks on paper.

As I wrote, if the fitness studios are still closed in September, I will make a decision concerning a home equipment investment.