Month: October 2021

  • Walking After 7 Tastings

    Walking After 7 Tastings

    Over a few October days I wondered the Wine Country Franconia during some wine tasting while also enjoying the views.  I must admit, after tasting severals different wines, walking is the vineyards is not as easy as it looks.

  • A Lot Charm In A Small Place

    A Lot Charm In A Small Place

    I visited Volkach on a late Saturday. Another wine country town situated above the Main River in the Franconia Region of Bavaria. A charming square in the centre, a high tower gate on the main street was picture perfect. I visited the 8.700 habitants municipality on a late Saturday afternoon. Being in the wine growing […]

  • Dettlelbach on the Main

    Dettlelbach on the Main

    A quick day trip to the Franconia town of Dettelbach. The hilly committee of 7.000 nestled in wine country dates back 1300 years. The Medieval aura is complete with a wall and guard towers, some converted to homes. 

  • Wine and Loveliness

    Touring Wine Country in Franconia Germany, even the entrances sparkle with the mood of the harvest season in October.

  • A Hot FACE!

    What makes a Hot Face, a look at the camera. The eyes, haircut or a look, I new know what. I just tell the person to hold on while I take a picture.

  • Chat Cinema on Titane

    Chat Cinema on Titane

    Controversial. Shocking. Brilliant. These are some of the words use to describe Canes Film Festival winner Titane. For an episode of the Chat Cinema Podcast, we devoted the show to Julia Ducournau’s hardcore work. Click Below to see what we think.

  • Before Tacky Review of MFW

    Before Tacky Review of MFW

    The Before Tacky Podcast reviews Milan Fashion looks. The hosts, Breck, Alex Popov and Lyn Jegher discuss the collections we like and the ones we did not like. Get the runway lowdown below.

  • Before Tacky Short Question

    Before Tacky Short Question

    From Milan Fashion Week, a Short question for Nigerian Fashion Designer Joy Meribe. Why did she go into the fashion business.