Month: September 2018

  • A Day at the Grand Prix

    A Day at the Grand Prix

    What’s it like to be handsome, talented, graceful, athletic, and spend day at a prestigious Sporting Event? Sergei Polunin – the bad boy of ballet and actor – was at this weekend’s Formula 1 2018 VTB Russian Grand Prix. F1 has captured some exclusive, beautifully candid images of Sergei as he enjoyed the build up […]

  • Paris Fashion Week-Miyake

    Video by creative collaborator Brice Hardelin for BlackandPaper. 

  • Part 3 of Philips Connected Blender

  • Gucci at Paris Fashion Week

    Gucci at Paris Fashion Week

    This year the Bling brand decided not to showcases in Milan but in Paris for Fashion Week.  A bit of a surprise!   A change of location but the same looks applied.  Creative Director Michele is not about the understated.  Get Noticed! Flaunt it if you got it!  Who cares about restraint.  Instagram is about […]

  • Jimmy Choo from MFW

    Jimmy Choo from MFW



  • Milan Fashion Week Impressions Day 1


    YES! I thought the first Tisci collection for Burberry was a shot in the arm for the brand. He made the looks feel modern while a bit edgy at London Fashion Week. I will say, I think the new $400 t-shirt is a bit too much, simple cotton at that price.  I think this becomes […]

  • London Fashion Week Review

    London is about experimenting. as a Global City with far flung reach, the fusion of ideas is a given.  There is no one aesthetic to describe the scene, styles ranges from classic to apocalyptic. This year the initiative is POSITIVE FASHION STRATERGY based on Sustainability, Equality and Diversity, Craftsmanship and Community. On a strange note: […]