19th Century Lifestyle

Not a topic normally covered by Black and Paper. However, recent headlines have been a brick in the face reminder of life as an African American. An altercation can have a lamentable conclusion. The past 2 weeks illustrate the precarious existence of being Black in America. The check list is real. I have been pulled over a number of times by police. Just driving a car. Followed around department stores by security personnel. Questioned. The world moves in reverse. Did I need a note from the overseer? A 19thcentury way of life for People of Color sits on our backs everyday. 

Coming to light months after the tragedy, while on a morning jog, Ahmaud Arbery‘s life ended. Two vigilantes took it upon themselves to become enforcers, judge, and jury in February. The more galling, local law officials did absolutely nothing. All conveniently recused themselves. A national outcry by the release of video sparked an investigation. The guys carrying the guns may have been the aggressors. The criminal justice sort of works if the victim is Black.  At least the father and son culprits are in jail.  

Good University, But, 

No matter what university you attend as a Black Man, you are still a Black Man in America. Doing of all things, birdwatching, Christian Cooper asked Karen Cooper to follow the rules by placing a leash on her dog in Central Park. In a scene worthing of an over the top “Bette Davis Melodrama” Ms. Cooper calls the police ranting “A black man is threatening her” in the Ramble area. The Harvard graduate Mr. Cooper filmed the confrontation can be calmly heard asking her to step away from him. Both left the park but when the video hit social media, the storm it raised. Karen, Karen, Karen, playing the race card while at the same time choking the dog is not a good look for a Vice President insurance investor. She has since been fired from her job. Also, thankfully, her dog has been returned to the kennel.

I Can’t Breath 

Today, George Floyd make headlines for being killed by 4 police officers. He “resisted” arrest while on ground  handcuffed with a leg on his throat.  The videos of the arrest show a portray a different story. Protest and riots occurred today in Minneapolis. Police used gas and stun grenades on seemingly unharmed people. Where was this use of force in Virginia and Michigan? Protesting with machine guns seems to make more sense in the US. Oh, wait, only if you are of a certain demographic you can go armed for war to a capital building.  The light in the story, the department fired the officers.

I would love to write “change will come”, violence as a tool against Black People will end cause now is an incident of reflection. I could believe this, but I do not believe in leprechauns either.