Walking After 7 Tastings

Over a few October days I wondered the Wine Country Franconia during some wine tasting while also enjoying […]

Dettlelbach on the Main

A quick day trip to the Franconia town of Dettelbach. The hilly committee of 7.000 nestled in wine […]

Wine and Loveliness

Touring Wine Country in Franconia Germany, even the entrances sparkle with the mood of the harvest season in […]

Nordheim Views

The charming area around Nordheim. The small Franconia village offers wine tasting front and centre. But that isn’t […]

Wine Country Franconia

A staycation this Easter 21, a trip to Wine country Germany. No tasting this year but we managed […]

Wine Country Franconia

I spent my staycation in the Franconia region of Bavaria Germany. Romance, picturesque, rolling vines on hills shape […]