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  • Fake It Til,,

    Fake It Til,,

    FAKE IT! The age of “fake it til you make it” is upon us. The “Bling Culture” is about of looking rich if you are not. A substitution quick fix as a result of income inequality, lack of access to a better life so people show off. In your face consumption means being humble is […]

  • A Small Gem

    A Small Gem

    Shockwaves (Warning: There are spoilers in this review) Television is having a Golden Period now. Fortunately, quality programs are not exclusive to the United States or Great Britain.   I met a Berlinale film festival colleague for an evening drink. We started talking about the past festival, our dislikes then our few likes. The Berlinale […]

  • Shut Up!

    Black and Paper interview with filmmaker Philipp Jedicke, his first film, “Shut Up and Play the Piano”  a mockumentary following the life of Musical Artist Chilly Gonzales premiered at the Berlinale. Why did you choose to make a documentary as your first film project? I interviewed Chilly Gonzales when I was a journalist. As I learned […]

  • What Comes Around

    A Black and Paper interview with director Reem Saleh. The filmmaker’s documentary “What Comes Around” is a glimpse into the lives of people residing in a poor area of Cairo, Egypt neighborhood. What Comes Around avoided Western Stereotypes of People lives in the region. There were human factors, not the 2 dimension images shown on […]

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  • #thisberlinale18 Opinions

    Sorry this is a bit late, but late than never! A Fantastic Woman premiered at the 2017 Berlinale in the Competition section before going on to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. That is one for the Berlinale Team.

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  • -1C Prepared!

    The weather forecast for Berlin during the 68th Berlinale is a low of -1C.  No Worries! We are prepared.  Scottish luxury fashion brand Pringle of Scotland is our styling partner.  Cashmere, woolen sweaters, coats, and scarves will keep us warm from day one of international the film festival. Coverage starts on Feb. 15th.  

  • Behind the Scene at Pringle of Scotland

    Behind the Scene at Pringle of Scotland

    RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! Hair, Make up, Models, make-up artists, and hairstylists, all working in sync preparing for the Pringle of Scotland Fashion Show during London Fashion Week.  Black and Paper got images of the crew preparing for the 12:30 runway deadline. Images by Leah Ahuja, Associate Editor of Black and Paper

  • London Fashion Week

      Models, models, and more models from behind the scenes at the Pringle of Scotland fashion show.  Black and Paper was allowed access to the fashion brands preparations for the London Fashion Week event. Stay tuned for more.