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  • Chat Cinema on Consequences

    Chat Cinema on Consequences

    This episode of Chat Cinema talks to filmmakers Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping on their BAFTA nominated film FEMME.

  • Once Again on Keanu

    Matrix 4 just got released. The reviews for the laest installment have been mixed, however the film’s star Keanu Reeves continues to be on an uninterrupted streak. How has Mr. Reeves stayed on top for over three decades? Check out the discussion the Chat Cinema Podcast.

  • By Leonardo?

    By Leonardo?

    I screened The Lost Leonardo at the Tribeca Film Festival 2021. The art world is full of intrigue, a world all to itself filled with cultural elites. 4 out of 5 stars. The Lost Leonardo directed by Andreas Koefoed.

  • Crossing Genres With Mixed Results

    Crossing Genres With Mixed Results

    At the Tribeca Film Festival this year there were the obligatory premieres. Despite the natural anticipation some program choices were questionable. Take for example the Wyatt Rockefeller directed Settlers. For its world premiere at Tribeca, expectations were good. After all, it is a Sci-Fi Western film from a debut director with an interesting cast.  “Johnny […]

  • Bentonville Fest

    Our first Bentonville Film Festival. The Arkansas event started in 2015 continues it’s tradition of championing diversity and inclusion in the cinema field. Keep checking back here for news and reviews.

  • Belarus on the VERGE

    Belarus on the VERGE

    Reading the headline about the Ryanair flight intercepted to Belarus, a story straight from a Cold War novel, suddenly the world was back in an East versus West game of high stakes chest. President Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for almost 3 decades with no signs of exiting the stage. After the the 2020 […]

  • Tribeca Day 1 Impressions

    My first day at the virtual Tribeca Film Festival. My first impression of the overall films: technically superb, polished, broadcast quality, indeed ready for a streaming service. These are filmmakers with an end goal concerning their work.  While I have not seen broad risk taking, after viewing a few features, the message here is: I […]

  • Erotic Food Cinema

    From International Film Festival Rotterdam, an interview with film director Yoshida Kota. His film Sexual Drive dives into 3 episodes of cuisine eroticism. Click below to watch the latest Chat Cinema podcast.


    A preview if the short film The Women’s Revenge. Stay tuned for the Chat Cinema podcast from the IFFR.

  • IFFR 21 Preview

    IFFR 21 Preview

    Look out for our features on these films unspooling at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Click on a link to enjoy a preview. Chat Cinema Podcast with the film’s directors coming soon.