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  • Before Tacky on Cody & Co

    Before Tacky on Cody & Co

    Before Tacky podcast talks to Phil Cody about his shoe brand Cody & Co. Click below to watch.

  • Not Over the TOP!

    Not Over the TOP!

    Menswear looks do not have to be over the top in oder to stand out.  Sometimes it is better to mix and match pieces to get the effect. At times an entire expressive look can be a style train wreck.  Too much is happening in all directions.  With mens fashion a way of standing out […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Men with Tod’s

    Milan Fashion Week Men with Tod’s

    Black and Paper at Milan Fashion Week Men at the Tod’s presentation. Tod’s decided lightweight for the season with looks based on traveling to hot climate destinations.  Quality wise there is no doubt the brand is at the top of its game in the quality department, elegant is in the DNA of the brand, but […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Milan with Edhen

    Milan Fashion Week Milan with Edhen

    Black and Paper attended the Edhen Presentation at Milan Fashion Week Men. Sensual is how I would describe Edhen.  For those of you searching for the new “It” men’s shoe this brand could be the one.  The collections are the right balance of adventurous, being chic with the right touches of classic Italian detail with […]

  • Milan Fashion Week Men’s

    Stay tuned for more features and updates from Milan. Powered by Canon Camera EOS M6

  • Milan Fashion Week Men-Edhen

    Milan Fashion Week Men-Edhen

    Italian based shoe designer Edhen takes sensual to the next level this collection.  The sparkles of details mixed with the classic is what I loved.  A man can express a lot without saying a word wearing these shoes. Powered by Canon G9 X

  • Milan Fashion Week Men-Giuseppe Zanotti

    The epitome of Rock Star Super Star Shoes is Giuseppe Zanotti with mixtures of lavish embroidery and leather footwear it is no wonder his designs are so popular with the rich and famous.  This collection that was ostentatious on one end and pure delight on the other. Powered by Canon G9 X

  • Milan Fashion Week Men-Tod’s

    Milan Fashion Week Men-Tod’s

    Luxury footwear brand is known for a classic conservative approach but this season the brand embarked on a new road by going in a new direction offering shoes with dandy colorful details, a bit of a DNA infusion Powered by Canon GX 9

  • Louis Leeman at Pitti Uomo Florence

    Louis Leeman at Pitti Uomo Florence

    The exquisite decadence Louis Leeman footwear is for a man who is not afraid of expressive,  shoes of hedonistic luxury and style. Powered by Canon G9 X

  • MFWM


    Milan Fashion Week Men. Look for more features soon. Powered by G9X