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  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Maisonnoee.

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Maisonnoee.

    Frantic.Hectic. Nerves on the edge.  As always the backstage level of intensity at a fashion week is like watching a high octane reality show.  The different teams, make-up, hair, models, and dressers all trying to meet a tight 2 hour deadline.  All has be ready by 4 pm. All images are by photographer Vladimir Sichov.

  • L’Oréal at Berlinale

    L‘Oreal Paris at the Berlinale 2016 Making sure the stars look good under the flash bulbs and spotlights during the Berlinale is the job of make-up and hair artist Andrej Baranow. Once again we managed to catch up with him towards the end of the festival for a fast interview. How is it going? This […]

  • Make Up Artist to the Stars

    During the Berlinale 2015 L’Oreal Paris was generous enough to allow us to go behind the scenes to interview Andrej Baranow. Mr. Baranow has been the key make-up artist of the festival for 17 years. What is your favorite product? The Eyebrow Plumber! It looks like looks like a mascara brush but it is used […]