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  • Fashion Week Reviews

    Of Course Not! We have not forgotten Fashion Week. We will have news, reviews and opinions coming.

  • Before TACKY!

    Introducing our new web show on conversations with fashion creatives from around the world. We will get down to business with anyone who wants to talk. Stay Tuned.

  • Fashion Week Relevance

    I had a conversation with Magazine Editor Alexander Popov from Effect Magazine. Are fashion weeks needed in theses times? Travel restrictions, publications squeezed, brands under pressure, returning to the normality of fashion seasons looks far off. From empty chairs at shows to buying things we may or may not need.   We had a fun discussion […]

  • My Highlights from London

    The United Kingdom is going through a lot. A government just holding its head above water, under siege on all fronts. Like the rest of the world, Covid has taken a toll on the country. Citizens refusing to understand the gravity of the virus. The Brexit drama continues its tortuous walk to an end of […]

  • Halpern Empowerment

    This collection from Fashion Designer Halpern at the London Fashion Week shows the power of imagination merged with function for style.  Using different materials and shapes each look had the theme of female empowerment.    Women who mattered during these times.  This season the house used front line workers as models.  Fabulous!  Stay tuned for […]

  • Fabulous Denial Syndrome

    Being Fabulous! Aspirational living! This is the lifestyle Vogue and other Conde Nast publications put in our faces. That $1500 bag matched with a $900 linen top.  Advice; Pay the rent before heading to Bloomingdales.  Once again the magazines find themselves in the headlines, but for the wrong reason,,AGAIN!  Six years ago Conde Nast debased […]

  • LFW in the New Normal

    The first fashion week in the “New Normal”, London Fashion Week goes digital. An event once exclusive to fashion insiders, LFW is now available to the public via Internet.  In comparison to the other fashion capitals, London’s beats the other cities with its experimentation, a quirky stance on style. Does this translate to digital? In […]


    YES! I thought the first Tisci collection for Burberry was a shot in the arm for the brand. He made the looks feel modern while a bit edgy at London Fashion Week. I will say, I think the new $400 t-shirt is a bit too much, simple cotton at that price.  I think this becomes […]

  • London Fashion Week Review

    London is about experimenting. as a Global City with far flung reach, the fusion of ideas is a given.  There is no one aesthetic to describe the scene, styles ranges from classic to apocalyptic. This year the initiative is POSITIVE FASHION STRATERGY based on Sustainability, Equality and Diversity, Craftsmanship and Community. On a strange note: […]

  • Behind the Scene at Pringle of Scotland

    Behind the Scene at Pringle of Scotland

    RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! Hair, Make up, Models, make-up artists, and hairstylists, all working in sync preparing for the Pringle of Scotland Fashion Show during London Fashion Week.  Black and Paper got images of the crew preparing for the 12:30 runway deadline. Images by Leah Ahuja, Associate Editor of Black and Paper