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  • An Island is the World

    I screened THE ISLAND for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The description of the animated feature read “Non traditional storytelling”. I have to agree. Romanian filmmaker Anca Damian made a film with some outlandish scenes combined modern commentary. A Black and Paper interview with Director Anca Damian. What is the human condition of the story? […]

  • IFFR 2022 Impressions

    IFFR 2022 Impressions

    A bit of mixed year for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. I have not been WOWED by the selections this year, perhaps the lock downs along with production chain problems have affected entries. Still, I managed to find some nice surprises. Stay tuned for a more complete rundown. The IFFR runs until February 6th.

  • IFFR 2022

    IFFR 2022

    The International Film Festival Rotterdam starts on January 26th. There are some interesting works on the 50th anniversary slate. Below are some titles we are looking forward to watching. Black and Paper will attend the festival virtual. Stay tuned for the interviews and reviews. IFFR runs from January 26th to February 6th.