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  • Anyone For A Glass

    Anyone For A Glass

    Galeries Lafayette Berlin is having a bit of a celebration and all are invited, Festival of Wines. Harvest season ended recently, that means a lot of bottles to open. The French department in Berlin’s Mitte district is holding a festival. A great selection of reds, whites and sparkling were placed on the basement floor. Having […]



    Berlin canceled CSD this season.  But that did not stop Galeries Lafayette from having its annual LGTB event at its Berlin Department Store.  Every weekend this July “Peep Month” was celebrated with shopping, music, and fun in Mitte.  The last event happens July 31st. 

  • A Paris Memory

    Paris. I look back with so many fond memories. No matter how small or how big, the city inspires.  I had a cafe at a bar in Galeries Lafayette overlooking the make up area. Pure Joy! 

  • Christmas Season in Paris!

    When I am in the Paris, I cannot help but go into the department store to see what the theme will be for the season.It is always a pleasure to sit at one of the cafes in Glaeries Lafayette to look up at the Christmas Decorations under the dome. I waited for the light show, […]

  • Art de Vivre

    Art de Vivre

    Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann is famous the world over for offering unique experiences to shoppers. The 65.000 square meter department store located in the center of Paris is a delight for the fashion senses with selections ranging from luxury to affordable. Black and Paper received a guided tour of the store before the Christmas […]

  • Nouveau CHIC!

    Nouveau Chic Galeries Lafayette is shopping emporium combining a sparking array of items to fit every style and taste. Founded 120 years ago Galeries Lafayette is a department known for innovation and passion towards fashion. This season has seen the introduction of the retailer’s latest creative approach: Nouveau Chic /New Chic. New Chic is about […]