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  • A Paris Memory

    Paris. I look back with so many fond memories. No matter how small or how big, the city inspires.  I had a cafe at a bar in Galeries Lafayette overlooking the make up area. Pure Joy! 

  • Bespoke in the Air

    The Black and Paper interview with fragrance designer Philip Birkholz. 

  • Scent Indulgence

  • Nice Brands

    Nice Brands

    This one off press day from an agency was a surprise. Make up brand Charlotte Tilbury had a wonderful presentation. I was impressed by the packaging, a lot of rich details. The German accessory label MCM is in the middle of a transition, a new creative director has come on board. I have never been […]

  • Not Thirsty!

    Not Thirsty!

    There are some social media platforms that we like. There are some social media platforms we question. As a site for all things creative, inspiring, and wonderful being in a place of thirsty, desperate wannabes employing questionable means is not for us. Taking all of this into consideration, Black and Paper has decided to quit […]

  • Christmas List 2017

    It was all about the quality of life this year. The term “overreach” is out.  I was inspired by the experiences I have had, from a visit to rustic colonial gem, to the pleasure of a simple bath, or an item in a store that caught my attention. Feeling special, having something that is  different […]

  • Charlotte Tilbury at KaDeWe

    Charlotte Tilbury at KaDeWe

    Charlotte Tilbury launched her line cosmetic and skin care line at the famed KaDeWe Department Store in Berlin to an enthusiastic crowd this week eager to get make up tips and make overs.  The British born make-up artist to the stars clients has included J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Moss to name a few.   Tilbury’s beauty […]


    New Year’s celebrations means letting out your inner FABULOSITY! This is a time to use color to express your optimism for the New Year. Chanel Dior All of these items are available in stores worldwide.

  • Perfume Museum from France 24.

  • Black and Paper Christmas List 2016

    Black and Paper Christmas List 2016

    You Can Never Go Wrong with a Gift by Chanel For Her An out-and-out classic, Chanel No.5 is a cultural seedbed for woman’s fragrance. “What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No. 5 of course.”   Chanel has always been associated with glamour and fabulousness, attributed to the women who wear it.  So rear is […]