Month: December 2020

  • Fashion Lowdown

    The real opinion podcast on what happened in fashion and what may happen in fashion. 2020 proved challenging, 2021 could be a ride.

  • CHAMPAGNE 2020

    The top Champagne Brand in the world goes to Moet and sister brands, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot, which sold a combined 64.7 million bottles with prices starting at $40 a bottle. Celebrate the New Year with the drink celebrations. Sadly, Champagne sales dropped 23% in 2020 due to closures resulting in 100 million unsold […]

  • Pierre Cardin Remembered

    French Italian fashion designer Pierre Cardin passed away yesterday. France 24 remembers the groundbreaking designer known for his futuristic styles using shapes and materials. A true pioneer in the fashion world had a sixty year career in fashion working for Christian Dior. Cardin created styles for luminaries as The Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor.

  • My Online Shopping Experience

    In the New Normal I started a new behavior pattern. I finally caught up with a trend that exploded years ago. I have been shopping online. Buying clothing via screen. I resisted this because physical store shopping is more fun. Going to a location, trying on clothes, talking to sales people then getting tips were […]

  • Fashion Week Dakar

    France 24 goes to Dakar, Senegal to get the lowdown on Fashion Week.

  • Sales Can Help

    After Christmas, the sales season starts. This year many local stores and independent fashion brand/designers face challenges. Please show them your support with your purchases.

  • Wishing You Happiness

    2020 has been an extraordinary year. Christmas feels like Groundhog Day meets Black Mirror. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

  • KADEWE Part 2

    KADEWE Part 2

    Shopping at the KaDeWe two days before Christmas.

  • At The KaDeWe 2020

    At The KaDeWe 2020

    Berlin’s luxury department store felt a bit strange this season. Every year I visit the seven floor Kudamm fashion temple during Chrstimas for a glass of Champagne. Then I grab a few gifts and items. Happily the food floor was open. But, due to the recent strict lockdown the shopping floors have been mothballed and […]

  • A Surreal KU on a Sunday

    I went to Berlin’s main shopping street KuDamm yesterday on Sunday before Christmas to take in the surreal scene.