Month: May 2020

  • Men Reloaded Podcast Delivery Package

    You never know what the delivery guy is delivery!  In the Lockdown we are ordering online.  What happens if the deliverer is more interesting than what was ordered? This can happen.  What to do? Hello, Customer Service, make sure I get this on a day with a high temperature.   Stay Tuned.

  • Men Reloaded Package Delivery

    A new Podcast Coming Soon-What happens when the guy who delivers packages has a pressing bigger package not in his hand?  Vector from FreePik.

  • 19th Century Lifestyle

    Not a topic normally covered by Black and Paper. However, recent headlines have been a brick in the face reminder of life as an African American. An altercation can have a lamentable conclusion. The past 2 weeks illustrate the precarious existence of being Black in America. The check list is real. I have been pulled […]

  • A Design Influence on Me.

    A Design Influence on Me.

    Bauhaus Museum Weimar opened in April 2019.  Its collection houses pieces from the 1920’s to the present.  Focusing on design, art, dance, and architecture, the Museum narrates the history of Bauhaus over 3 floors.  Side Note: The Black and Paper logo was influenced by the Bauhaus  movement.  We incorporated some of the graphics in our […]

  • Second Day in Weimar

    Second Day in Weimar

    Exploring the cultural city offerings on my staycation.  Still inspired and strolling around the city.  It’s easy to see why Weimar has appeal. On the second day,  I saw the dramatic and elegant.  

  • Gym Gone

    Berlin is reopening slowly but steadily. Stores, then restaurants have opened. On Monday hotels and museums re emerge from slumber. Sadly for me, gyms are not on the long reopening list. In Cologne the gyms opened but with many protocols some requiring reservations. Working out was also a way to clear my mind, detox. A […]

  • Fashion Biz Trends

    Continuing my conversation with Editor Alex Popov.  We moved to the topic of Fashion Biz Trends.  What do we expect to happen in these uncertain times? How will fashion evolve? No easy questions to answer. But, we had fun.   Stay Safe.    

  • Classy Weimar

    Classy Weimar

    For my first travel in the New Normal I decided on  a staycation. As if I had a choice. Nothing is flying these days. Where to go? The city of Weimar, located in Thuringia, a 3 hour drive from Berlin.  I knew little about the city.    Classy, compact, and elegant the former Grand Duchy Capital […]

  • Staycation Weimar

    In Weimar.  All the details coming soon.

  • Shopping in the New Normal

    The second part of my reports on Shopping in the New Normal. The world is changing really fast.