Month: April 2020

  • Still Not the Same

    The “New Norma”l is not normal.  Berlin is feeling the psychological   impact of the Coronavirus.  Although the German capital has not been as hard hit compared to other regions of the country, the effects cut across the city.     Stores have opened, yet people continue to stay away. The retail experience is almost […]

  • Shopping after Lockdown

    Shopping after Lockdown

    Berlin partially lifted the lockdown.  On Saturday I decided to go go to the KuDamm, the city’s main shopping area, to see the results of the reopening. The department store KaDeWe had it fist day of sale on the 25th.  I ventured in, curious. Shopping in the “New Normal” written for an episode of “Black […]

  • Berlin Reopening-Friday

    Berlin Reopening-Friday

    The city has eased the lockdown but shoppers are staying away from malls.   Demand has dissolved.   The “New Normal” for the short term means less consumption.   What makes it hard to buy? The constant reminders of the Coronavirus.  A Mood killer! 

  • Shopping, Post Lockdown

    Shopping, Post Lockdown

    Berlin partially lifted the lockdown form the Coronavirus Crisis. Stores up to 800 meters may open. But the limits are as follows: A limited number of people allowed for 20 meters. Sounds easy, but Soviet Union 1975, people standing in line waiting to get in a store.  I wanted to see it for myself. As […]

  • Stardust

    The first film based on the life of famed music artist David Bowie.  Stardust tells the story of the 24 year old musician before his debut in the United States.   Directed by Gabriel Range starring Johnny Flynn. 

  • Only 30 Days

    The classic Aesop Fable of “The Ant and The Grasshopper” is about being prepared while the other played. Looking over the recent headlines, many have lived with the mentality of the Grasshopper. A complete lack of long term preparation for the winter. After only 30 days in lockdown many companies and brands have run out […]

  • Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

    Macy’s,,,, REALLY!

    I checked on family members the other day. Like everyone living in a lockdown, I reached out for a long conversation. Thankfully, everyone is OK.  Not The Place! The talked shifted to malls and shopping. What happens for the re-openings? Macy’s, the mall staple, when I was young the department store was a first stop. […]

  • Ivanman Masks

    Ivanman Masks

    The fashion world continues to respond to the world’s needs during this time of crisis.   Fashion Designer Ivan from fashion brand Ivanman decided to convert his Atelier to face mask production. Refashioned from industry materials, the pieces are colourful and expressive.   As the Coronavirus Lockdown exit strategies come in focus. Face masks maybe required […]

  • Music For Hope

    Music For Hope

    Andrea Bocelli gave an Easter Concert for “Hope” in Milan Italy.  In front of the famed Duomo.  The tenor streamed the uplifting event of “Hope” via YouTube. Bonelli’s foundation is engaged in raising funds for hospitals. The accompaniment included AVA MARIE and AMAZING GRACE. With Milan still in lockdown, this is an expression of “We […]

  • Berlin’s New Normal

    Berlin’s New Normal

    My second feature on the “NEW NORMAL” in Berlin.  Normally bustling plazas and streets, now eerie silence.   At Easter the city is usually teeming with tourists.  This season all resembles a set from the television series “Black Mirror”.   While riding around on my bike taking pictures,  I could only shake my head.