Month: March 2020

  • Chat Cinema on Keanu

    We decided to profile Mr. Reeves for the first performer profile. Why? We like his movies. After 35 years in the business, he continues to be relevant. 

  • Berlin, Flesh and The Devil

    While going around taking images of Berlin in stand still I remembered the 1959 film “The World, The Flesh, and The Devil”.  A 1959 starring Harry Belafonte roaming an empty post apocalyptic New York City landscape. While the German Capital is not quite in that setting the urban atmosphere has an eerie feel.  As if […]

  • Chat Cinema Profile

    The next Chat Cinema Podcast takes a turn.  We dedicated this episode to profile an actor.   Stay Tuned.

  • You Don’t Matter! Shock!

    The Coronavirus outbreak has knocked the world into a new uncertainty. An event that has become a universal reference point. Make no mistake, reality will be a different place once this over. The things we consider important. Values have shifted. The “All About Me Culture” suddenly feels petty. Who cares about a daily selfie? Curated threads […]

  • Louboutin Speaks

    France 24 interviews master of shoe designer Christian Louboutin.  A new exhibition on his designs opened in Paris.  

  • Moth Balled, Nowhere to Go

    Black and Paper covers travel features. We were saddened by the cancellation the ITB a few weeks ago.  The tourism industry affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.The impact lasting for many seasons to come.   The airline industry will not be the same.   Today IATA announced airlines will lose a combined $252 billion this year, […]

  • Again, The Second Time

    While the Coronavirus is a frightening I am not uncertain about the tactics being used. The media has a great story right out of the bestselling. A deadly virus that could wipe out the world. Panic filled shoppers stripping stores. It gets clicks. Ratings are up on all the New Channels.  Verified  My question is […]

  • Chat Cinema Stay In

    In these times when we are being asked to “Stay Inside” it is important to still have connect with colleagues.  The Chat Cinema gang got together over Skype to have a conversation about films. Our stay home recommendations to watch until the crisis is over.  Some surprises happened over the course of the 4 way […]

  • How Did We Get Here?

    Ineptness. Greed. Political Correctness. Self-Preservation. Denial. As the Coronavirus marches across the globe containment is the strategy. Slowing down an enemy that is dangerous, deadly, with no moral conscience. The world has its work cut out. Entering a crisis tunnel on one end, not sure how or when we will exit. Further, what happens when we […]

  • Here is Fashion in 2020

    The Coronavirus has changed every business in ways we have yet to digest. Business models will crash. In fashion, retail brick and mortar stores have struggled competing against online sales. The end is near for many storied chains. The crash in consumer demand will put the last nail in the coffin. Habits will change, malls […]