Month: December 2019

  • Celebrate 2020

    Roll in the new decade and New Year.   Today’s Drink! If you had a good year drink one glass of Champagne.  If you had a bad year, drink a bottle of Champagne. 

  • Chat Cinema Podcast

    The last Chat Cinema of the year. A bit of a conversation about the state of Cinema. Many auteurs are having a hard time adapting to the new trend of Hollywood.  Director Martin Scorsese comments raised many eyebrows.   This inspiration for this podcast comes from a recent New York Times article. 

  • Fashion File 2019

    The news from 2019 in fashion.  

  • Action + Words=3

    I have written about this subject in the past.  It is easy to protest, be a part of a movement that does not involve negative consequences. Climate change activism continues to stay on the front page.  Greta made the cover of Time magazine as Person of the Year.  However, does Generation Z really feel about […]

  • KADEWE redone,, but,,,

    KADEWE redone,, but,,,

    Department stores are ingrained the fabrics of cities. Cultural temples of consumption, meeting places to see and be seen. Before World War 2 Berlin had many grand showcases of prosperity lining its big streets and plazas. The sole survivor still in existence today is the KaDeWe on Tauentzienstrasse. Damaged by Allied bombings in 1943 the […]

  • Men Reloaded

    Men taking Blue Pills don’t think! That’s the Problem!  The Black and Paper original podcast coming soon.  Why waste an experience? We turned it into a series.  Stay Tuned for episode #1

  • HP Goes Slick

    HP Goes Slick

    I have been in the market for a new laptop. Currently, I use a MacBook Pro. Loyalty is a not factor because I have had different brands over the years. My needs change or evolve when it comes to work devices.  Given a chance to test the HP Spectre gave me an opportunity, why not? […]

  • Fashion at the Box-office

    Olivier Rousteing is a one man force of fashion.  Being the youngest and first person of color to head a major Paris label.   He transformed the once staid house Balmain into a global phenomenal worn by “A list” celebrities.    The documentary  “Wonderboy”  explores his life in the fast lane.  I have not seen […]

  • Hi Tops from Dior

    I looked over the Dior Pre-Fall Collection. Kim Jones continues to lean to streetwear for inspiration.  His commercial instincts are solid. Luxury labels must court new buyers to stay relevant.  I am not sure where the line is drawn between courting and desperate attempt.   The new Nike Air Jordan hi-top crosses the border. The […]

  • Tiziano Guardini

    An emerging designer, Tiziano is making strides in the Milan scene.  Combining sustainable  materials into wearable pieces he proves eco -fashion can be interesting as well as vibrant.  Oversized pieces with long lengths was the running theme.  Not bad, I will keep an eye on him. Viewed at Milan Fashion Week.