Month: July 2019

  • Moneta’s Interpretation

    A interpretation of a peacoat, Moneta adds vivid colours to classic outwear.   I grabbed him for a quick review at the presentation.  My verdict,  I liked it. But I may have been biased. 

  • Garda Dreams

    Garda Dreams

    Staying on Lake Garda with all of its romantic charms offers much to travellers. Walking along the shore, watching the joggers at sunset, made for a perfect setting. It is easy to fall under the charm of this Italian destination.  A place to unwind in slow mode. 

  • A Teaser from Lake Garda

    From the Aqualux Hotel and Thermal Spa at Lake Garda.

  • Tech Coming Soon

    Tech Coming Soon

    Technology Preview  The IFA Innovation Media Briefing 2019 showed the world of connectivity  is expanding. The emphasis was centered on lifestyle. New home appliances with features aimed at making life easier were shown. I was reminded of those 1950’s television commercials showing new microwave ovens to housewives A.I. or Artificial Intelligence moves forward. But the […]

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture

    Paris Fashion Week Couture

    BONJOUR!  Sorry, I have not been posting. A bit busy on this end playing catch up. Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture felt a bit overwhelming. Covering the event for the firs time started from the moment I arrived at the hotel. I dropped the bags at the hotel in the center of Paris then raced […]