Month: February 2019

  • Byblos Northern Lights

    Forgive the crazy review. When I arrived in Milan on Wednesday morning of Fashion Week the schedule went off the rails quickly. The Byblos winter 2019 was suppose to be the 3rdshow of the day for me. A tad wind blown when I arrived to the location by press shuttle, I knew the brand but had no […]

  • Fashion Theatre from Marras

    Fashion Theatre from Marras

    The Antonio Marras Show at Milan Fashion Week combined a catwalk with live performance theatre. I was not sure what I was suppose to watch, the models, the singers, the stage shows.  The unique setting in an antique space made the event all the more theatrical.  The collection mixed  dark romanticism with a 1930’s feel […]

  • Milan Impressions

    Going with the flow. Milan Fashion Week is over. I love the Italian city with all of its creative instincts. Designers are always enthusiastic ready to speak about their latest works.  I had detailed collection tours.  Fall 2019 will be about the bling.  At least that is the word from ateliers in Italy.  In other […]

  • Buy Fab! Return Later!

    Inside many of us lurks an Elisabeth Taylor trying to get out. Glamour requires the right clothing. Everyone wants to lead a glamorous life. Getting the right looks are a part of the formula, overcoming the obstacle of costs is simple: buy today, wear tomorrow, return the day after tomorrow.   During Fashion Weeks the […]

  • The Shoe Capital

    Covering Milan Fashion 2019, we are thrilled to crown the city the “Fabulous Shoe Capital of the World”. Designers have upped the ante.  A woman does not merely wear these creations, she has to live it.  If footwear is your religion, make a pilgrimage.    Stay tuned for more coverage.  

  • A review of the SX 740 HS Powershot

    I used the Canon Powershot SX 740 HS camera during Pitti Uomo in Florence and in Milan for Menswear Week.  I found it hand and practical for my needs because the best feature was I could slip it into my pocket on the run.  There are many other features to this solid point and shoot […]

  • Remembering Karl Lagerfeld

    From France 24, remembering a legend of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld.

  • Faces or Shoes?

    Which would you choose?  Sponsored by Canon Deutschland.

  • Berlinale Saved Me

    Berlinale Saved Me

    Rejection is a form of Protection  “It is not enough for a film festival to be righteous. The films shown should be engaging.” I did not attend the Berlinale this year “because of the limited space”.  The likely reason, the Chat Cinema podcast I produced criticizing the festival.  Someone took offence.  Reading over the reviews of the […]

  • Champagne with A View

    Champagne with A View

    A bit of shopping, a view, a glass of Champagne all in one in Paris at Printemps.