Month: July 2018

  • Beyonce Takes Control

    Beyonce Takes Control

    Inspiring  Beyonce has announced she is working on, or should say taking control of a  Vogue Issue. I assume it is for the prestigious September publication. Can Queen B sell magazines for an industry in decline? The probable answer is “Yes!” What is different about this particular project? She will have  complete control of the […]

  • Mr. Moustache A GO GO

    Mr. Moustache A GO GO

    During CSD Berlin I could not help but notice this guy completely energized resembling the sexy Cowboy from the Village People complete with upturned hazel mustache. He was giving crowd body movement like a male pole dancer in leather gear. People were screaming “sexy” at him. What a PRO! Sadly, I did not get his […]

  • CSD Berlin

    CSD Berlin

    “HOT” is the only word to use for CSD Berlin 2018. Summers in the city are not normally sweaty but this year was an exception, under the hot German Sun the temperature hit 35 Celsius but that did not stop the high level of enthusiasm in late July. This year’s theme: My Life, My Identity, […]

  • Florence in 3 Words

    One word cannot describe Florence. We decided to use 3. Who could not fall in love with an intimate city offering gorgeous landscapes every part of the day, an early morning walk after breakfast, a hike up the hill in the afternoon, a stroll after a late cocktail.

  • Fake It Til,,

    Fake It Til,,

    FAKE IT! The age of “fake it til you make it” is upon us. The “Bling Culture” is about of looking rich if you are not. A substitution quick fix as a result of income inequality, lack of access to a better life so people show off. In your face consumption means being humble is […]

  • A Small Gem

    A Small Gem

    Shockwaves (Warning: There are spoilers in this review) Television is having a Golden Period now. Fortunately, quality programs are not exclusive to the United States or Great Britain.   I met a Berlinale film festival colleague for an evening drink. We started talking about the past festival, our dislikes then our few likes. The Berlinale […]

  • All in One Travel Experience

    All in One Travel Experience

    The Franconia region of Southern Germany is worth exploring, offering an array of travel experiences. For the outdoor sports enthusiasts, mountain hiking to the top is rewarded with 100 km landscape vistas. If history is your passion, top recommendation is exploring the many historical cities of Wurzburg, Bamberg, Rothenburg, and Ansbach. Wurzburg Wurzburg is a romantic […]

  • Football in Your FACE!

    Football in Your FACE!

    This is a Reposting of a past article! World Cup 2018 is upon us. The biggest sporting event in the world has started in Russia. Teams from all over the globe compete to see who is the best national soccer club. Just in time for the festivities LG recently introduced its latest bean projector, the […]

  • Paris Couture Week with Chanel from France 24

    A look  at the Couture Collections from Paris.

  • Bavaria Travel

    Bavaria Travel

    Travel Recommendation.  Coming soon: The Full Story of traveling in Southern Germany.