Samsung showed off its technical prowess by unveiling its highly anticipated Galaxy Foldable Smartphone. A welecome design change […]

Lamenting DESIGNS

What happened to mobile phone designs? New smartphone designs are the same.  They completely lack style. If you […]

Apple Lost its Groove

A Cult  Steven Jobs became a religious like figure in the world of tech. Credited with changing the […]

IFA 2017 Coming Soon

Counting down to IFA 2017 has started.  The latest consumer electronic trends from connected homes, drones, smartphones, and […]

German Press Days for Spring 2017

German Press Days in Berlin for the presentation of the Spring 2017 collections. Shoes and Sneakers Menswear Womenswear […]

Apple’s Latest

  I have not seen the phone, this post is based on my reaction from the iPhone 7 […]

IFA Day 1

Acer has an interesting product line up this season from the ailing tech company, the brand introduced devices […]

Tech Meets Life

Looking forward to IFA16, the world’s biggest consumer tech show, in Berlin we decided to produce a spontaneous […]