Has It Changed? Not Much!

I started looking over the Instagram accounts of the some of the big department stores. All express solidarity […]

Fashion Biz Trends

Continuing my conversation with Editor Alex Popov.  We moved to the topic of Fashion Biz Trends.  What do […]

Ikea after Lockdown

I had to pop over to IKEA for a few home items.  Getting inside the store today, similar […]

Berlin Reopening Thursday

Black and Paper coverage from the capital.   Berlin retail is struggling to get shoppers in stores. On […]

Berlin Reopening April 30th

 Still a lack of shoppers at local malls and stores.  The air of uncertainty continues to affect buyers […]

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Shopping after Lockdown

Berlin partially lifted the lockdown.  On Saturday I decided to go go to the KuDamm, the city’s main […]

Berlin Reopening-Friday

The city has eased the lockdown but shoppers are staying away from malls.   Demand has dissolved.   […]

Shopping, Post Lockdown

Berlin partially lifted the lockdown form the Coronavirus Crisis. Stores up to 800 meters may open. But the […]