Episode 1 How Much?

Episode 1  Imagine the shock when a man tells you he has to invest in a date with […]

S Connection

Just some of our thoughts on life and how to get through it.  S Connection cast gives views […]

Check Me,,, Please!

Under certain circumstances,,,,, I could go,,, KABOOM!  The Paris today is not the Paris I remember the first […]

IFA 2018 NEWS from Twitter

IFA 2018 coverage sponsored by Canon Camera/Werbung #IFA news, #Travelling with #R2D2. #Luggage that goes where you go. […]

YouTube Here We Come

We decided to beef up our YouTube channel starting this summer with new web features on cinema and […]

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IFA Day 3

IFA Day 3 Is Blackberry making a comeback?  The sleek and sexy smartphone brand was looking good in […]