Stop The Violence!

Fashion violence has many victims. There is no better example than attending a fashion show of a well […]

Milan MFWM

What will be the latest trends from Milan Fashion Week Men? We cannot wait to see.  A roof […]

Fashion Africa

From France 24 African Fashion Week continues to move from strength to strength.  This year from Dakar the […]

Milan Mensweek 2019

A roof top view of #Milan. #MFWM coverage starts January 8th. #fashionweek #menswear #mensfashion #travel #ootdfashion #ootdmen #fashion […]

Fashion Titanic

Stay calm. Take a deep breath.   After attending Milan Fashion Week, having conversations with many industry professionals, […]

An Interview part 2

Continuing our conversation with Briana at Milan Fashion Week.  


What is happening in the fashion world? Not sure! Many questions, few answers.  I will give you my […]


Milan Fashion Week coverage from the Cividini Fashion Show, I was not familiar with this brand, attending the […]